For Creative Entrepreneurs with Chronic Illnesses 


 Watch this 60-minute masterclass and learn how to run a sustainable business without running out of spoons everyday.  

How to Create a Sustainable Business Without Letting Imposter Syndrome Take Over.

All the tears and stress I could have avoided in my first few years running my own business.

It's time to stop second-guessing your ability to run a business with a disability. I've been there and it's not always easy, but it IS POSSIBLE. 

You'll learn:

  • The mindset blocks most spoonie entrepreneurs run into and how to break them.
  • How to make decisions about your business that align with your health and wellness journey so that you can feel confident while still taking care of yourself.
  • How to prioritize and work with your energy so that you can continue to grow your business without running out of spoons every day. 

Hi, I'm Charlene, after almost a decade of living with a brain injury (I literally was hit by a bus), going through multiple neurosurgeries, and living with a chronic illness I'm sharing the strategies and practices that I use to keep my business running.

I'm also a psychotherapist turned entrepreneur + mindset coach. After almost burning out in my first few years of my business, I knew that something needed to change. That what I was doing wasn't sustainable. That's when I realized how imposter syndrome was keeping me on the burnout cycle and that I needed to get off of it NOW! 

What if I don't have a chronic illness? Is this training still for me?  

While I'm speaking from a place of living with a chronic illness, the strategies that I'm sharing I've also taught to people experiencing:

  • grief from the loss of a loved one
  • people adjusting to a sudden change in life circumstances
  • people with anxiety and depression
  • those who feel like they have less emotional reserve than they used to after undergoing a hardship or time of upheaval
  • someone who is experiencing burnout and is seeking another way 
  • and caregivers of someone with chronic illness or parents of children with special needs.

The thing is, stress, if left untreated it becomes chronic and overtime can lead to illness. In fact anything that we are faced with for an extended period of time can become chronic and put us at risk for illness. 

Fun fact about me: at the time of my accident I had been working with children with special needs and their families for years. 

If you're looking to ditch imposter syndrome and create a path of more ease, health and kindness to self than this training is for you. 

If you're ready to ditch imposter syndrome, find peace even in the midst of a health crisis, and learn how to let go of negative thoughts & fears so that you can stop doubting yourself & make decisions with confidence, then this class is for you. 

Let me help you create a new vision for your life and your business that takes into account your chronic illness & health needs. 

What would it mean if you could have it all?

The Confidence to go After Your Dreams

Imagine if you no longer had to worry about imposter syndrome and your inner critic telling you that you weren't good enough? 

Feeling More Peace & Ease - Even in the Midst of a Health Crisis

Living with a chronic illness can mean dealing with a lot of uncertainty. It's time to learn how to calm your mind in just 10 minutes a day so that you can feel calm in a crisis. 

Doubts & Fears No Longer Keep You Stuck

In this training, I show how our thoughts are fed by our fears which contributes to our doubts. Learning how to let go of our attachment to our thoughts is the most effective way to stop doubting yourself.

Grab a seat for this masterclass training where you will learn all my top tips and practices to help you create a sustainable business...