How many times has overthinking stopped you from doing something you really wanted to do?

Introducing Silencing Your Inner Critic, a self-study program to help you transform your inner monologue from being your biggest bully into your most encouraging cheerleader. 

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The truth is that Mindfulness Meditation is the quickest & most effective way to stop overthinking and end self-doubt for good. 


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 Picture it...

  • You sit down at your computer, full of excitement and ready to get started.
  • Today’s the day you’re finally going to get started on that course that you want to launch. 
  • Just then, you’re reminded of that time when you were back in high school (10 years ago) when a project that you had been working on didn’t do as well as you had expected. 
  • You start replaying all the ways that things can go wrong. 
  • Now you’re thinking that this course is going to fail, so why bother even trying, and that it's better to just give up right now.  

What happened? 

Your inner critic showed up…

  • ...and now you find yourself in your head about not being talented enough, not being ready, and not having enough experience.
  • Ugh, you feel like you just can’t get past that initial push of trusting yourself & challenging yourself for something bigger & better. 
  • You’ve been at your computer for just 10 minutes and you’ve almost convinced yourself to (once again) put your dreams aside until later. 
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I totally get it because I was that chronic over thinker. 

After years of feeling like I was never good enough I was finally able to stop mentally beating myself up. 

Stop Overthinking Now!
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  • Now, imagine this...
  • Instead of waking up and you're already overwhelmed by your to-do list, you wake up feeling energized for the day ahead because you're ready to put your big goals and dreams into action. 
  • Instead of getting caught up in self-doubt & imposter syndrome you know that you can choose to ignore that voice and instead to trust in your self and your worth. 
  • When all those little worries crop up you’re not concerned because you’ve got all the skills and tools needed to find peace, freedom and happiness that is available to you.

That this can be your reality every day. 

You think that you need to have it "all figured out" before you can start your online business. Only you keep feeling frustrated & overwhelmed & like you'll never be good enough. The truth is, learning how to trust in yourself & to finally let go of imposter syndome is the only way that you can reach your dreams of being an online course creator. 

Stop Overthinking & End Self-Doubt for Good

Ready to stop overthinking? 


It's time to take control of your mind & stop holding back every time you want to say or do something.  


Imagine how it would feel to...

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Know what to do when fear based thinking shows up and instead of talking yourself out of speaking up, you share what's on your mind

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Be comfortable and confident in yourself instead of constantly doubting your thoughts and abilities. 

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Recognize that your thoughts affect what you say and do and that you now have the ability to choose what to listen to and what to ignore. 

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You deserve everything you put your mind to and I'm going to help you get there.

In 2004, I graduated from university with my BA in psychology with the plan to continue on to grad school. Only my inner critic showed up and talked me out of it. 

10 long years later, I'm now a registered psychotherapist. Proving that with the power of mindfulness you too can go after your dreams and make them a reality. 

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Hey there, I'm Charlene.

I help people just like you who are struggling with doubt, overwhelm and living with fear-based thinking.

I'm a psychotherapist and Mindfulness teacher. I'm also the founder of The Mindfulness Journey.

Growing up I was the dictionary definition of shy. I struggled with talking to pretty much anyone. My inner critic would show up EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Even the idea of striking up a convo with someone would trigger my anxiety. I used to write out our pizza order before calling it in 0 and it was always the same and not even a little bit complicated. (A couple of pepperoni and one half cheese/half mushroom). 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

Now, since learning how to use mindfulness to quiet my inner critic...

  • I'm traveling on my own
  • Attending workshops, conferences and retreats where I don't know a single person (and coming home with new friends)
  • Talking to that cuties in the coffee shop ")

And 2 years ago I stood up in front of a crowd of people to share my story and the benefits of mindfulness to help with stress, overwhelm and doubt. (22 workshops to be exact, like a boss 😀).

Why we need to work with our inner critics. 

Our thoughts & judgements are the #1 thing that keeps us feeling stuck. 

We use our thoughts, judgements & fears to protect us from the fear of being inadequate or unworthy. 

We believe that this fear is protecting us from making a mistake and embarrassing ourselves. But really it’s blocking us for the life that we really want. 

Instead of our mind being our greatest support during challenging times its become our prison keeping us playing small. 

When you get 80% through creating a sales funnel and give up? That’s your inner critic at work. 

Fear is showing up, telling you that now isn’t the time, that it’s better to wait until later. Only “later” never comes. 

There’s never one moment where the stars align and everything feels right. There’s just this moment, right here in front of you, and when you know how to work with your inner critic you have all the tools you need when doubt shows up. 


Silencing your Inner Critic

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What's inside? A video masterclass training filled with mindfulness skills + guided audio meditation practices to help you feel more ease and less caught up with your doubts.  

Inside this program you will learn how to quiet your inner critic and be more compassionate with yourself so that you can up-level your life in every way.


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The results speak for themselves...

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"Working with Charlene on mindfulness and meditation has made all the difference in my very busy life. Her calming voice is a constant reminder in the back of my head to stay present and tuned in, whether I'm eating a meal, walking down the street or working with a client. I recommend working with Charlene if you're feeling disconnected from yourself and you need to learn how to quiet the outside  noise and come home to your heart. "

Lindsay Johnson - The Radical Connector

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"Charlene stands for mindfulness in every sense of the word. Being in her presence you can't help but feel the energy she shares and the presence she brings. Would highly recommend working with her for your overall wellbeing and mindfulness goals.
Ainsley Moir - Engineer Your Brand

Ready to change your life?



Here's how it all shakes out...

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Meditations to Feel More Calm & Ease

2 guided meditation practices to get you ready to work with your inner critic. 

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • How to pay attention to the breath. In this 3 minute breathing practice, you'll learn how to sit and focus on the breath. This practice will help you learn how to be in the moment so that you can quickly feel more relaxed. 
  • Sitting with thoughts meditation. This practice introduces the idea of paying attention to your thoughts without attaching to them. This meditation  will help you to notice thoughts as they appear in your mind so that you can "see" what your inner critic is really saying.  
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Masterclass Training: Silencing Your Inner Critic

In this module you will learn how to use mindfulness skills when your inner monologue is full of doubts, criticisms and bullying.

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • How to feel more at ease in moments of discomfort.
  • The cycle between thoughts, emotions and your actions/behaviours and how to break it.
  • What to do when your thoughts start to spiral or when resistance comes up. 
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Wrap Up & Next Steps

A guided meditation plan to help you continue to be in control over your thoughts. 

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • 3 Guided meditations (thoughts meditation, body scan & the welcome mat) to help you to continue to notice the connection between your thoughts and how you feel. 
  • A 30 day meditation schedule that shows you the best way to build in the practices & skills that you've learned.

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Instant access to the complete Silencing Your Inner Critic program

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Lifetime updates

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Private invitation to the The Mindfulness Community FB Community

(value = $997)

When you add that all up, it comes out to a value of $1397,

but you can enroll today for a special limited time offer of $47.


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Good, because there's something I need to tell you.

These are the exact strategies that I use whenever I'm faced with challenging moments. Like getting hit by a bus and needing to undergo 4 neurosurgeries over the course of 18 months. Yup, a literal bus.

Because when life gets tough, or we get nervous or scared, that's when our inner critic shows up. 

Not only do I have the knowledge and training behind what I teach, but I have first hand experience to know that these skills will work for you. 


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In fact I come back to these strategies time and time again.

These mindfulness and therapeutic strategies have helped me to:

  • launch my own business
  • become a public speaker
  • travel and attend conference on my own
  • meet new people

When before my anxiety and inner critic would have convinced me that this was all "impossible" for someone like me. 


Not only was I able to make these changes in my life but I also helped me students learn how to use the power of mindfulness to quiet their inner critic. 

And now these skills are available here for you today at the low price of $47. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

No questions! I'm ready for this!

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You are so ready for this journey.

Mindfulness has helped my students learn how to stand up for themselves, to feel more confident and independent, and to take control over their thoughts and shut down their inner critic.

Now it's your turn.

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